Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel

Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel let's you check in without being arrested!  The Crowbar Hotel, popular slang for juvenile jail, the slammer, is a cultural phenomenon characterized by the resourcefulness, language, and rituals of its members.  Kids at the Crowbar create, invent, endure, and survive.  Some do these better than others. Just like each of us.  Join the journey and experience life through the eyes of a Crowbar kid. 

Letters from the Outs

First there was Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel and readers were introduced to Harly, Rage, the hookers, and Sammy - characters that make the Crowbar Hotel (a juvenile detention facility) buzz with life, intrigue, pathos, and humor.  The "next novel" is here: Letters from the Outs with more young adults who have come to mend their ways.  Letters is full of new characters and events that once again teach us about learning and life in the Crowbar Hotel. 

Clean Shorts

Clean Shorts is a collection of twelve very different short stories.  Each one is drawn from Gary’s experiences and/or his imagination! Some of the stories come from travel adventures… or misadventures. Some have a local flavor; things that happened closer to Gary’s home near Santa Barbara, California.  The stories are about people and their places and sometimes, people who are out of place.

Clean Shorts breaks from the tradition of Gary’s two novels, Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel and Letters from the Outs, that explore the culture of incarcerated youths. Instead, Clean Shorts covers different slices of life and always with humor, insight and drama