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Did you know:  Youth commit only a small portion of the nation's crime. According to the FBI, youth under 18 accounted for 9.1% of arrests.  On any given day 54,000 juvenile offenders are held in residential placement. 1 in 5 youth (21%) who are brought to court with a delinquency case is detained. 

Data from Campaign for Youth Justice


"Crowbar" has wonderful characterizations.  It was a joy to get to know the kids and adults who people these pages."

D. S. - Amazon Review

Read Chapter 2 from Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel here.

The follow-up novel to "Crowbar" with more young adults who have come to mend their ways.





 Read a chapter about Holly Terror from Letters from the Outs

"Clean Shorts" is a collection of twelve very different stories.  Stories about people and their places and sometimes, people who are out of place. 

Romeo's Breakfast is a collection of 16 short stories. Like Gary's previous anthology, Clean Shorts, each story is different.

Read the first story in the collection: Keeping Score

Read the chapter, Bolts of Screamin' Grape, from Clean Shorts

Read Chapter 1 from Romeo's Breakfast

Keeping Score

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